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Grove Appalachia CBG oil 1000mg tincture. This chemical element CBG is more profound in the cannabis plant before maturity and diminishes as CBD and THC start to emerge at maturity. Our CBG is made from 100% trimmed flower (the choice fruit of the plant) and organic MCT (medium chain triglyceride/fractionated coconut oil) oil to produce the finest oil tincture possible. CBG is more directive in the nervous system for de-activating pain. Most CBD and CBG oil tinctures use BioMass which are the by product of the hemp plant and are also MUCH less potent. We use the best, most potent and desirable part of the hemp plant to produce only a premium grade tincture. Though our process takes a much longer time to create, we believe the proof is in the end result. Be assured that you are getting the highest potency and quality when you choose Grove Appalachia brand tinctures and medicinal's.


Why CBG is called “The Mother of Cannabinoids?” At first, there is just CBGA, and then with the right conditions, it morphs into either CBG or one the varied acidic precursors that precede cannabinoids. THCA, CBDA, and CBCA all begin as CBGA. Once transformed into these acidic precursors, the chemicals go on to become medicinally potent forms – like THC and CBD. These chemicals can then shift again with age, turning cannabinoids like THC into other cannabinoids like CBN and Delta-8 THC. In this way, CBG’s acidic form gives rise to every single cannabinoid in the plant – earning the name “The Mother of Cannabinoids”. Sometimes people refer to the entire class of CBG related cannabinoids this way. Others only refer to CBGA as the mother of cannabinoids, and call CBG in its neutral form the “princess of pot”. Since she’s the only non-acidic cannabinoid to form directly from CBGA – the title seems to fit. What are the Benefits of CBG?

CBG for Pain Relief- One study even found that CBG was more effective at managing pain than either THC or CBD. CBG is Anti-Inflammatory.

CBG for the Brain- CBG may be most well-known for its potential as a neuroprotectant.

CBG for Cancer- CBG may help by blocking the receptors that cause cancer cells to grow.

CBG for Eye Health- CBG may also help with treating glaucoma, because of the way it reduces intraocular pressure.

Antibacterial Agent- CBG can be an effective antibacterial agent, particularly against bacterial strains like MRSA, which are resistant to the usual antibiotic drugs.

Bladder Dysfunction Aid- Research found CBG was the most effective at inhibiting muscle contractions in the human bladder.



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