Garden of Eden "Divinity" Cream for Skin

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Garden of Eden "Divinity" Premium Cream for Skin

Garden Of Eden "Divinity" Cream for Skin. No artificial substitutes, no petroleum based ingredients, the most powerful elements of nature and we've blended the finest oils, (Extra Virgin Organic Coconut, precious Extra Virgin Organic Nigella Sativa/Black Seed and Organic beeswax) just for Your Skin.

Garden of Eden "Divinity" Cream for Skin blends high potency elements to deliver powerful results in a perfectly smooth balance. Oils rich in vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants deliver dramatic healing and used to treat severe skin conditions penetrating the core of your skin. Beware of chemical and petroleum based solutions which dry up early and leave you with dry rough skin the rest of the day. Garden of Eden Divinity Cream for Skin stays with you all day moisturising, healing, preserving and protecting while removing impurities that clot up pores. The single most effective treatment to stop aging skin with natural toning oils, Nothing artificial, perfect for men and women who want to look excellent now without paying the price of petroleum affecting their skin later in life. Proper maintenance today results in a younger appearance today and satisfying elegant skin tomorrow.

Using chemicals on your skin will result in older looking skin at an earlier age. Garden of Eden Divinity Cream for Skin will keep your skin looking young and better than you ever imagined possible. 

Use daily on hands, face, neck or any skin area for wrinkle reducion, heal stretch marks, heal burn's and burn scarring, severe sunburn, avoiding skin stretching marks, heal sunburn, heal scar tissue to a more natural appearance and remove redness, fade sun and liver spots, heals bed sores baby rash while providing protection while healing, a great makeup remover, no more crows feet, shrinks baggy eyelids, the most effective single treatment for beautiful skin