Kavala Graha Pulling Oil

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Grove Appalachia is proud to be a provider of oil specifically for Oil Pulling.

Pure Pulling Oil (kavala graha) choose from Almond/Cinnamon or Sesame/Peppermint unique oil blends designed to provide all the benefit of traditional oil with an extraordinary addition of brisk pure cinnamon oil. Both Almond and Sesame oils are traditional oil because of their mellow taste is great for both beginner and experienced in oil pulling because of the mellow easy taste, not harsh like some oils. Kavala Graha or "oil pulling" is effective in oral health, heals gums, strengthens teeth, makes hair thicker and stronger, promotes urination, promotes digestion, ease stomach pain, reduces gas, strengthens and firms intestines and organs, combats acne, and very effective for anti-aging. Targeting internal healing is a more effective way to more sustained health and reducing the effects of aging. Also used for anti-aging, promoting hair growth and strong healthy gums. Did I mention really white teeth? Kills bacteria that promote and inhibit acne too.

Grove Appalachia premium pulling oil is pure and all natural and the only available of it's nature specifically for pulling. All our oils are those commonly used in cleansing, healing, and spiritual purification purposes. Oil Pulling is an ancient technique and considered an alternative (or complimentary) medicine in India today. There is a lot of information about "oil pulling", we believe the benefits are many. The technique of oil pulling is to take a tablespoon of oil and swish it around the mouth and across teeth as opposed to using mouthwash. Do not gargle the oil or swallow. Swishing the oil performs several functions.

1- Oil absorbs harmful bacteria in the mouth and from teeth. The saturation process causes flem and yuck to release from nasal passages, thus opening precious oxygen to brain, lungs and bloodstream. Removing these toxins also strengthens the body's defence system, as it is not being exposed to germs from the mouth.

2= Oil is absorbed by gums, tongue, and teeth (teeth are pourous and really absorb oil, much better effect than alcohol).

3- Because your mouth is directly connected to your entire nervous system, the oil is distributed throughout your entire body. Oil's are often used for cleansing, preperation, and to deepen spiritual senses. 

4- Introducing oil into your bloodstream heals within and strenthens vital organs.

Most article's recommend 15-20 minutes of swishing because they are using coconut oil which takes several minutes to melt. Our oils are fresh, pure and ready to "swish". We recommend 5-9 minutes swishing to whiten teeth and build enamel, then spitting all out after brushing teeth. This is a much wiser method than stripping enamel from the surface of your teeth.

Benefits of Oil Pulling (not limited to)

1- Oil pulling used to treat and eliminate migraines

2- Oil pulling to treat acne, cleansing within

3- Oil pulling for healthier hair and growth

4- Oil pulling for hangover

5- Oil pulling for WHITE TEETH, oil works within and does not strip teeth which is not good

6- Oil pulling restores enamel from the inside

7- Oil pulling to kill cold sores and remove their source

Depending on which of these purposes you may use oil pulling for, Oil Pulling is a process in which results are obtained by regular use. Pregnant women should not use products containing cinnamon and/or peppermint during pregnancy. 

Grove Appalachia Premium Pulling Oil. It's kind of like the old saying "they don't make things like they used to," well we do!

Get started with your Oil Pulling regimen and on your way to feeling better, looking better with more confidence in who you are.

Choose your unique blend today!