Ozone3 Salve

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Ozone3 Olive Salve 4 ounce jar

Ozone3 Olive Salve is loaded with pure Ozone. Grove Appalachia Ozone3 is formulated in the most Ozone rich environment in the world, right in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southern Appalachia where Ozone content in its natural form is greatest. Ozone3 Salve is designed to use topically on skin to kill the root of most skin irritation. We make ozone available to be an effective all natural means of killing poison ivy, acne, eczema, psoriasis, fungus, lice, chiggers, crabs, mites, mange mites, and is also effective to use hot spots and skin irritation on dogs/cats/animals. Ozone is also an effective disinfectant for wounds and reduces healing time dramatically.

Ozone cells are similar to an oxygen cell except an Ozone cell contains 3 atoms of oxygen, oxygen we breathe the cell contain 2 atoms of oxygen.

Ozone3 Salve uses organic extra virgin olive oil and organic extra virgin coconut oil infused with pure Blue Ridge Mountain oxygen rich ozone.


Our new formula Ozone3 does not require refrigeration. Ozone3 should be stored in a cool area. Over 1000 uses.


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Ozone oil must be stored at or below 38 degrees F in order to retain live ozone. Freezing is best if not using for prolonged periods of time. If you are ordering Ozone3 Salve, this products requires prompt interception, the product to be placed in a freezer or refrigerator immediately upon delivery. We ship this product frozen with dry ice in order to insure that your Ozone3 Salve is fully potent, purest and highest quality ozone possible. Never touch dry ice without gloves or with bare skin. The dry ice is a gas and disappears as it melts. Always use caution around dry ice. When ordering, please be attentive to open package immediately and promptly place in cold storage environment. Ozone is powerful and though it's a little inconvenient keeping in the refrigerator, ozone is more powerful than even prescription topically, it's benefits are well worth it.