Royal Blends

Royal Blend Garden of Eden Miracle Cream blend's use unique oils, alternative blending methods distinct and unlike any other skin cream, with personalities of distinction. All Garden of Eden products are 100% pure and natural and contain only natural products that produce a proven result. No petroleum, water base or un-natural contents. All elements serve the purpose to produce the greatest benefit of shrinking loose skin and preserving a youthful appearance even in core skin layers for years to come. Obtaining the optimum youthful appearance is a process. After reaching 40, 50 and well beyond becomes more of a concern, all Garden of Eden brands provide the elements for that process. Garden of Eden Royal Blends go a step beyond that adding elements that once only kings ad royalty had access to. Today you too can apply real Frankincense, Myrrh and a blend you could never get until now that uses the secret serum for constricting and shrinking, caffeine. We have the most pure form available in the world in our "Coffee" blend. Don't ask how we got it in there, it wasn't easy but the result is, well I can't tell you that either. That's not a secret, that's a surprize.

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