Suver Haze 1 Oregon Organic Hemp flower bud (17.2%)

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TASTING NOTES: Fresh plant, fruit, pine, skunk

The aroma from Suver Haze is very potent. The skunk unique smell that it offers has unique depth and complexity due to its high terpene content. A quick open of the bag and people in the next room will smell it! 

DOMINANT TERPENES: β-Myrcene, farnesene, β-Caryophyllene, cis-β-Ocimene

DESCRIPTION: Organically grown in Oregon with the utmost quality and care. This Suver Haze batch is is the epitome of amazing flower from bag-appeal, aroma, taste, and consistency in bud density. The genetics come from Oregon CBD seeds and the strain is a bred from a popular high-THC strain called Neville’s Haze. The breeders at Treasure Valley took a Special Sauce female, crossed that with a Neville’s Haze male, and selected a single phenotype which exhibited the most desirable characteristics (high CBD, mold resistant, high yield, etc.). This was then crossed with ERB, which is how they arrived at Suver Haze! This is a very consistent strain, with very little phenotypes or mutations. The quality is top-notch!

These dense buds were traditionally grown for it’s high resin content and it’s no wonder why as both the cannabinoid and terpene content is off the charts! Extremely potent.